About Ada'a Health

Ada’a Health Program is one of the main programs that contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision of 2030, aiming to improve the level of provided health services by measuring the performance levels and implementing improvement projects to all health facilities within the scope of the program.

Ada’a Health Program Award enhances the spirit of competition at the level of individuals, orimary health care centers and hospitals, both in the public and private sectors. During the year 2020, and based on the improvement initiatives and projects for 2019, nine awards are allocated to nine categories within the main award tracks. These trackers are the Individuals track, MOH Facilities track, and Non-MOH facilities track.

What is Ada'a health ?

Four main objectives of Ada'a Health Program

Patient experience, safety and quality effiency and productivity improvement

Performance reporting and the use of digital solutions

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Performance Improvement Unit Development and Culture Change

Hospital team skills improvement and capability

Ada'a Health Awards

Ada'a Awards

Ada’a Health Program Award is intended to stimulate the competitive spirit to develop and improve health services in the Kingdom. During the ceremony of this year, the improvement-based projects as well as the best practices in the health facilities will be highlighted and acknowledged.

Esteemed Judges

Ada'a Health Award 2020 meet the judges